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Denver Self-Inquiry Group

At the Denver Self-Inquiry Group meetings we strive to find friendship with others who see the goal of self-knowledge or self-definition as the highest goal of an individual's life and each individual's true calling and purpose. We are a non-dogmatic gathering of seekers, intent on finding the answers to the hard questions of life:  "who am I, and why am I here?".

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" The meetings are a mix of discussion and questioning with the overall aim of understanding ourselves and our minds better. Meetings begin with an open discussion of the topic for the week which serves as a catalyst for self inquiry. After the initial discussion the meeting moves toward questioning one another. This often takes place in a conversational format and the point of the questioning is to help each person retreat from untruth in themselves - to see where their own thinking might be clouded by desires or fears, where they might be rationalizing or if they might have unchallenged assumptions and convictions. The meeting is not intended for people who want to get together and idly talk about philosophy as an exercise and demonstration of their intellect. Meetings embody the spirit of friendship and are for people who want to take an honest look at themselves and confront the questions that are bothering them and who have a suspicion that the answers lay within. Many people who participate in this process over time will find that their thinking becomes more clear and that they understand themselves and others better." - Jeff Crilley