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Awakening Together Fall Retreat

- Separate Journeys, a Common Path:The Road to Ultimate Fulfillment -

Bob Fergeson and Tess Hughes will share their stories and teachings through a series of workshops, inquiry, and discussion, designed to free your own inner guide.

For more information on this Fall Retreat in beautiful Colorado Springs, October 26 – 29, click here :…/2017-fall-retreat-in-color…/

Bob and Tess's presentation are part of the Awakening Together 2017 Fall Retreat:

Three Retreats, Right in a Row In Lovely Colorado Springs, Colorado
October 20-29th

also featuring Gina Lake on October 20 – 23  

and Regina Dawn Akers  on October 23 – 26  

Register for 1, 2 or All 3 Retreats
Early-Bird Discounts Available Now!